Torch 820 - High Power Butane Torch

Torch 820 - High Power Butane Torch

A HIGH power butane Torch with massive 2,797 BTU/h flame power, extra strong welded stainless steel head built to protect the burner. Made with butane compatible plastics and ultrasonically welded tank - prevents gas leaking.

  • Compact lightweight (7oz) high power Torch for hard to reach areas
  • 50-820 (watts equivalent) adjustable power
  • Adjustable flame length up to 90mm (41/2 inches)
  • 45 min. continuous use at mid-setting
  • Flame temperature 2,462 °F (1350 °C) - All-in-one on/off ignition switch - Safety button 


  • Soldering joints, plumbing and brazing
  • Heat shrink tubing, paint stripping
  • Air conditioning
  • Fusing rope ends, loosening frozen or rusted nuts and bolts
  • Heating and bending thin metal 

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Gas Torches: Torch 820 - High Power Butane Torch