Pro Piezo 75 Kit

Professional Gas Soldering Kit, Medium power adjustable 15-75 watts equivalent

Versatile and compact professional soldering Kit, featuring an ultrasonically welded gas tank for better strength, safety and reliability. Made with butane compatible plastics - prevents gas leaking.

  • Cordless butane powered - no cords or wires
  • Click-to-ignite
  • Short distance from tip to grip - gets you closer to your work
  • Run Time 90 min + continuous use
  • 15-75 watts medium power adjustable
  • Ready to melt solder less than 30 seconds from ignition
  • ESD safe Antistatic

Kit includes 4 tips: Hot air for Heat shrink, Torch, Hot knife and 2.4mm DF soldering tip, accessories included are sponge and tray, kit box, stand and instructions.

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Soldering Kits & Irons: Pro Piezo 75 Kit

Pro Piezo Kit